Teaching Positions Available in Istanbul

logoTeaching Positions Available in Istanbul:
Qualifications: Degree in TESOL, CELTA or DELTA preferred, in-school training available for other applicants.
Positions: Full-time and Part-time (generally 9 or 12 month contracts in Pre-school, K-12 and University).
Compensation: Varies with experience and qualifications. Salary scale ranges from 2,500 to 4,500 TL for qualified candidates.
Benefits: Generally includes paid holidays, meals, and transportation. Suitable lodgements and living assistance can be arranged.
Applications: We accept applications year-round since some positions may become available during the school year. The best periods to apply for securing choice positions, however, are between 15 December to 15 January or 15 March to 15 August.

Contact: CVs and Resumes should be sent to apply@jobsforteachingenglish.com . We suggest that candidates mention any extra qualifications such as CELT YL extension or YL experience. A brief cover statement explaining your situation is also often helpful. Please CONTACT US! and SEND YOUR CV via Email.

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